Enhance Your Life

Our Philosophy & Commitment to You

We are an experienced group of  professionals who seek to improve the lives of our clients who struggle with a wide range of mental & psychological issues by optimizing interpersonal relationships, stressing positives, and facing fears. It is our belief that our actions as humans are derived from either love or fear. When using our collective professional and personal experiences, we can better assist our clients in deciding their ideal direction.

We truly believe that it is essential to work on relationships and personal goals to realize an individual’s full potential. We specialize in working with life changes or crises.  Our promise to you is to make you aware of all the choices that you can make in your life, and to help you determine which choices will have the most positive outcome.

Thus, sessions are held to explore feelings and help understand their application to social contexts. The ideal result is an individual better prepared to maximize their goals and benefit themselves within their personal relationships.


From a position of caring, accountability, and knowledge, Applied Therapies and Wellness Center promises discretion and confidentiality. We are here to assist our clients in their own transformation through managing stress and working through the healing process. With your commitment and our knowledge, we can help you reach your fullest potential.

You don’t have to be perfect to be your best.